Animal lovers in Singapore: speak up!

Like Blackie of Yishun before him, Dober went from from nobody to Jurong pet, thanks to residents.


But Dober’s fate once again hangs in the balance, with his caregivers on one side, and pendanticism and complainants on the other.

We have compassionate Singaporens and HDB residents among us, for sure. There must be a fair number. There is strength in numbers. Can we not all do our bit to make the authorities listen? Listen to facts that large dog breeds does not mean trouble, that cats ought to be allowed in flats. Ask the authority why are they so hell-bent on banning large dog breeds and all cats from flats when large dog breeds and all cats are allowed and in fact live peaceably among the people who reside in private housing?

Please, sign the Petition: Allow all breeds of Dogs and Cats in HDB flats, and then WRITE to them too. It’ll take only a bit of your time, but it could make a difference to the cats and dogs out there on the streets, homeless because of pedantic and rule-bound authority… you really got to wonder: who made the rules in the first place?


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