What Cats know about War

Humans are so insidiously spread throughout this world, that any conflict between us affects not just the ones we want to inflict pain or suffering on. It will leave very deep impact on the animals who happen to be on the scene too, like the Gorillas of the Congo. The Iraqi conflict spawned efforts to rescue zoo animals in its initial aftermath (photos); some of the animals were in the private collection of the dictator and his heir-designate. It’s not just animals living in the wild or trapped in zoos that suffer for our follies. Read this post by Dawn and go and read the “ What Cats know about War” article.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Cats know about War

Thanks to Mezzo for sending this in. This must be extremely hard to NOT be able to do TNRM at all because there are no vets available :-

What Cats know about War

The military apparently does have very strict rules about animals, and it seems that it doesn’t seem to be enough to stop people who DO grow very attached to animals. When you think about it, why would bans on civilians in NON-war time then work? For another case of a marine who smuggled a dog back to the US (and who had a range of military people, journalists and Iraqis helping him), there’s also this book : From Baghdad with love.


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Here’s another informative article: The Animal Victims of the Gulf War

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