Officious Israeli stance on homeless cats – and it’s the right one too!

Yes, this blog’s supposed to regain consciousness only on Saturday, but I’m between bouts of of clarity and can’t resist seeking a peek around clogosphere. Stumbled on an interesting post on this blog. Here’s just some choice bits:

Friday, April 29, 2005

Israel’s stray cat problem at our door

I am not a cat-blogger; nevertheless, I have to post this picture of “our” cat Sumi and her two new kittens (please, no mazal tovs)…

Sumi’s not really even “ours”, and never will be if I have my cruel, cold, heartless way. She is a stray kitten herself, less than a year old, and has been hanging out near our home for a while. She wouldn’t even have a name except that my kids, having seen her around long enough and recognizing her, insisted that she have one….

But I have come to think differently. Israel has such a stray cat problem that we all just filter them out, pretending they’re not there. That’s a lot of filtering out… I’ve trained myself to just ignore the problem, to shrug and say “It’s just part of living in Israel.”…

… But now the problem has given birth right outside my window….

Fortunately, there are steps we can take to reduce this problem. I say “we” rather than just “I” because none of us can solve this alone. Even though each of us can plausibly claim it’s not our problem, we all need to work at it together to make a difference….

Believe it or not, the Israeli Ministry of the Environment has put out some helpful guidelines on this very subject. Who knew they were even aware of the problem? I sure didn’t. The Ministry first makes one thing absolutely clear, that we all should know…

… So we can all help by controlling our garbage, and by feeding cats properly when we do feed them.

But their biggest recommendation here regards spaying and neutering, the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) approach. While many have religious objections to interfering in the reproductive life of cats, Ministry-sponsored studies in Israel make clear that this approach has the potential to truly control the problem. Anyone who feeds stray cats ideally should take the responsibility for that cat’s spaying, even if it doesn’t become a house cat….

Here’s the wonderfully enlightened officious source quoted: Israel ministry of Environment Protection>Cat Welfare

Compare it to what is being done in globally vaulted bastion of learning, Stanford University.

Then compare both to Singapore’s stance, evident in the authorities’ Love-Hate of TNRM, and so lovingly enshrined in the HDB’s anti-can policy and the Town Councils’ collective ZERO Stray aim. Shame on our leaders – really, how different is the authorities mentality about homeless cats compared to their insistence on legislating against same-sex love?

Shame, shame, shame.

And shame.


6 responses to “Officious Israeli stance on homeless cats – and it’s the right one too!

  1. I love cats…although we now only have one. Your cat pics are great. Interesting read.

    Have a great day..lotus

  2. haa, i m also cat lover, at my native home at sahiwal (small city at pakistan) my parents have pet cat.

  3. if cats were required to be leashed like dogs and all strays were picked up and destroyed….naturally waiting an appropriate length of time… 10 minutes…you might see a few less strays….

  4. xxgaryoxx,
    What a prime example of bigotry and condescension your comment is. I see you are located in Washington DC. Goes to show, even cosmopolitan places have their share of arrogance, ignorance, intolerance, condescension, and bigotry.

  5. Cats are cool….

    But I think that the problem is the fact that you guys think that they aren’t there. Cats are cool to have. they are cuddly, cute and they are fun….

    I think EVERY family in Israel should take in the cat. If you take in the cat and give it to the kids, it is a great way to develop responsibility skills: have the kids take care of them, feed them, play with them…

    I wish my folks did that for me…I always wanted a dog!