Catsuff from Daiso

In addition to sparkly balls, Daiso stocks some very useful cat stuff, as Dawn blogged about last month.

The cat stuff are in the Pet section (aside from the sparklies obviously). Dawn recommended these contraptions:

Being a very low-budget store, Daiso shows that you really don’t have to spend bombs on stuff like toys for the kittes. Let us know if you have a favourite kitty item from them.


2 responses to “Catsuff from Daiso

  1. My cats would definately vote for the furball-on-a-stick toy (we call it the ‘hamsterbird’), and the strip of tiger-striped cloth on a stick (the ‘tiger tail’).
    They tend to be indifferent about Daiso’s other toys, especially ones made of hemp rope.

  2. Xiuwen,
    I guess any toy that looks like a fishing rod with bait works well for the kitties. =)