Aside from making Joey happy again, us minions also procured a scratchpost (on the cheap). It’s a very late replacement for the tall one worn out early this year – except for Rheilly Shorty, the others have had a difficult time of it, not being able to stretch to full length when they unsheath their claws on the remaining post we got.

We had aimed to get the Motherboard that Mama Piggy has been aggressively promoting to us. But the Motherboard is a pure scratchpost, and our lot loves a good perch too. So when we saw this post, taller than the motherboard, which not only features a lofty perch, but throws in 2 hidey holes as well, we knew it was the board we the slackers wanted. and we had to get it right there as it was one of the last pieces available.

Bam Bam and Philly strategising stress test approaches

Philly went to work immediately

Bam Bam checked out the groundfloor unit

Philly did too, and got to wondering if the 2nd floor unit might be a leetle bit roomier

Philly confirmed it was just as tighty tight snug as the lower unit, and promptly spilled his leg

He decided the open-air loft suited him best

Rheilly though, liked both units just fine

Plenty of room for this Short Big-eyed one

Since the older scratchpost is still highly prized perch-property, and we would have to custom a cat-condo just to safely accommodate all the lard tubby action, we decided to put these two together and call them a cat condo. Reduce, reuse, recycle. No need to waste.


5 responses to “Scraaaaatch-n-Perch

  1. Hi Calsifer,

    Is it heavy to be moved for weekly house cleaning?

  2. Mary,
    Not sure about your definition of heavy, but what I can say is Its weight is not unusual for a catpost of its size.

  3. can you move this catpost by yourself?

  4. Bah!! You traitor! You forsook the Motherboard for a spindly looking 3-legged THING! How will Rheilly be able to get back to Mothership now??? Some evil is afoot! We hates you! The slackers WANT their Motherboard!

  5. Eh, haven’t you got the latest catalogue? Upgrade’s the word, Kootoo Mummy. 😛