Cat Fun: Sparkly Ball

Sometime back, a friend recommended this little wonder she called Sparkly Balls. She gave us 3 for the slackers’ entertainment. And they went MAD!

It’s really great fun for the kitties but easy to lose in the home clutter.

Our friend got it from the Daiso at Vivo City, but we couldn’t find it there, despite carefully combing the aisles.

So when we were at Plaza Singapura for the ACRES roadshow last month, we dropped in at the Daiso shop, hoping to get lucky.

Sure enough, we saw them on display, in packaging just like our friend showed us. The only rub is, they were in the Gifts section. Go figure!

We bought a few packs of different colours. Earlier today, I finally broke one ball out for Rheilly.

She seemed unsure of what to do with it at first

But she’s quickly become a sparkly ball expert

The great fun about these little balls is that the sparkly bits catch the light and seem to move of their own accord, so kitties are especially captivated by them. Hours of fun, until they get lost in the dark corners in your home. Environmentally friendly and cheap too – animated cat toys that need no batteries at all. There’s really no need to buy expensive, fancy toys for the kitties – novelty really doesn’t last.

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