Lovely ticked tabby sibs at the cattery

A new pair of good-looking pure ticked tabby (see for info on cat coat colours and patterns) siblings joined Foster Mum’s cattery in late September. They’re a VERY affectionate pair dumped during the Ramadan season, just like the Meowsons, the songkok kitten, the kitts in the bird cage, the long-furred duo.

This brown tabby is the brother half of the pair.

He’s absolutely friendly from the get-go

Showing off his beautiful ticked-tabby coat

This is the other half of the ticked tabby sibling pair – a ginger female.

She was a bit shy initially, but has since warmed really well. She would sit where she could be closest to human attention, her whole body plastered against the window meshing and meow. According to Foster Mum, her low gravelly voice is something that potential adopters found off-putting. I thought that rather offensible. Her voice, to me, is just lovely – you can hear the polite, tender beseechment for attention in her calls.

Her beautiful ticked tabby coat

I haven’t quite got their names, yet.

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