The Meowsons are settling in well

What a tableau of laidback affection and trust.

The Meowsons on a lazy Monday afternoon, 21 Oct, looking very, very long and very grown-up. (Mattie left, Gunnar right)

Mattie has been renamed Daisy and Gunnar is now Chihiro.

Looking at this picture, it’s difficult to imagine that it came after a week of hair-raising concern following the Meowsons’ adoption on Saturday, 13 Oct.

Late on Sunday, 14 Oct, their mum, N, called me… from the vet’s! Gunnar’s diarrhea had worsened, and they made the decision to ward him as N is pregnant.

After a week of medication and changing prognosis, Gunnar finally managed to return home to Daisy and the family on 20 Oct, Saturday. But not before a grand finale of heart-attacks for everybody. On Friday, 19 Oct, the day he had been most hopeful of being released from the clinic, the vet found blood in his urine! Tests showed his liver and kidney functions to be normal.

Then on Saturday, 20 Oct, itself, the vet reported to N that the blood in urine symptom had cleared up after they withheld medication – which he no longer needed anyway.

This is N’s sms to me after they fetched Gunnar home the same day:

Our boy is home. Everyone, especially Daisy, were so exited to see him. He has settled back in really well and I will email some photos over the next few days.


It was traumatic for Gunnar, and for Mattie, to be separated for so long, especially right when they were adopted and were introduced to a new environment. Mattie managed to settle down without Gunnar, while Gunnar pined for affection and company, alone at the vet’s.

But it was also very eventful for N and her family. I can imagine her trying to calm both kittens and her children, and perhaps herself and her husband as well. I kept wondering if I might have made a better decision if I kept the kittens for another week and I kept apologising to N. But N’s been very understanding, she kept me updated on his condition, and ended up having to calm and reassure me as well!

After my particularly apologetic reply in response to one of her Gunnar-still-at-vet’s update, she took the time to call me and tell me she did not want me to feel bad about it, that she understood that Gunnar’s illness was not something anyone could have anticipated, and that if she wasn’t pregnant, she would not have warded him unless absolutely necessary.


Now it’s over and we hope for the best for everybody. Gunnar really settled in very well and quickly, right on the day he went home.

The Meowsons’ trust and easy acceptance of their new home is another indication they were once home pets, who had a lot of social interaction with people. People who somehow decided these loving, affectionate kittens were no longer wanted and dumped them like old toys one grows tired of. I only wish I can tell these dumpers:

All the better for your abandoning these two lovable kittens. They’ve found a far, far better home than you could have ever given them.


3 responses to “The Meowsons are settling in well

  1. Aww. So glad they found such a good home together!

    It’s the previous owners’ loss when they abandon their pets. Last week a woman dropped off a totally matted poodle at the animal shelter where I volunteer. He was the sweetest dog, but she just didn’t want to take care of him any more. Thanks to her irresponsibility, he was blessed by the Dalai Lama when he came to Washington, DC the next day. He was obviously meant for some place better than her home.

  2. Isabel,
    How lucky for the poor poodle. He will surely get a better home than he had.

    Good job with the volunteering! =)

  3. I do not approve of anyone dumping pets but I have to confess that I was once an ignorant believer (like most people which I suspect) that cat does have their instinct to survive in the wild anytime. That marks the story of my Mao-Mao and Big Ears. They were brought home with intention that when their eyes were open we’ll put them back on the street. Of course it didn’t happen, matter of fact, they will be celebrating their 2 years Bday this coming Christmas Eve with a few other feline pally-s.