TNRM – it can succeed, with cooperation and support

While this post focused on the legalising of large breed pet dogs and cats in HDB flats, we must not forget the homeless wandering our streets. TNRM IS the solution for managing both people concerns and animal issues (health, well-being etc). I spoke about the Officious Israeli stance on homeless cats – and it’s the right one too!

The Washington Humane Society picked it up, and in blogging about Israel’s progressive stance about managing their homeless cat problems, added in some interesting facts about the local situation too. Go read it here.

Then think about Singapore’s situation, add to the fact that no less than a Singapore mayor has made ZERO strays an official policy affecting the living environment of 85% of Singaporeans.

Martin: What did I do wrong? All I want is to live my life my way, without fear of reprisal for simply being. 

Even in Stanford, vaulted bastion of learning, they understand Felinicide doesn’t work, TNRM does. Don’t you wish Singapore also has a compassionate, progressive mayor like Mr Martin Chavez of Albuquerque, US?


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