TODAY 20071027: HDB, don’t relax pet rules

These anti letters are all in response to the Large dogs: Time for a rethink article yesterday. Please consider writing a response in SUPPORT of changing the rules.

(Note: letters reformatted to aid comprehension, and appear different from what’s on TODAY, which does not clearly attribute letter by writer.)

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HDB, don’t relax pet rules

Weekend • October 27, 2007

Owners should be made responsible for pets’ actions
Letter from TOW MILAN

I refer to the report “Large dogs: Time for a rethink” (Oct 26).

My family wants to see tightening of rules for dog and cat ownership in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats.

Flats are not suitable for dogs and cats, especially when they are untrained and if the owners do not exercise responsibility for the behaviour of their pets.

We have had to put up with noisy dogs that bark incessantly in the middle of the night, clear dog and cat waste from our front door countless times, until we got fed-up and informed the town council workers to clear it up instead.

What is worse, these irresponsible owners walk their dogs and leave droppings along the corridor, day in and day out.

The main problem lies with owners. They should be made to undertake full responsibility for their pets’ actions.

We need to maintain the good surroundings that we live in and not let these matters escalate further into quarrels between HDB dwellers.

The rules must not be relaxed further to accommodate bigger pets as it would make for a more stressful life for residents.

Let pet shops verify if potential owners can keep breed
Letter from CHAN MIANG

The Agri-food and Veterinary Authority should enforce rules at the pet purchasing stage to manage the issue of big dogs in HDB flats.

Pet owners should be made to apply for a licence on the spot when they buy a pet at a pet shop. This would allow the pet shop to check their address and other details to verify that the potential pet owner is allowed to keep certain breeds in his home.

Getting pet shop owners involved may help resolve the current problem of unlicensed and big dogs in HDB flats.

Update list of dogs allowed in HDB flats
It’s about time that the HDB review the list of dogs allowed in HDB flats.

A check showed that the list has not been updated, and no changes have been made since 1988.

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UPDATE 20071030: A reply – TODAY 20071030: Legislate behavioural training for pets


3 responses to “TODAY 20071027: HDB, don’t relax pet rules

  1. The animals aren’t to blame for all the problems faced by residents. Obviously, the culprits are irresponsible pet owners. Punish them, but don’t let their actions affect the innocent pets and of course, the many responsible pet owners. That’s not fair to them. There should be rules to keep irresponsible owners in check, not the animals.

  2. Exactly. Please do consider writing a letter to the papers too. Ref here if needed.

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