SOS Animal lovers: Write letters supporting change in HDB pet rules

Today’s edition of TODAY has a venomous letter AGAINST changing the pet rules.

Animal lovers, please do your part and write in to TODAY at Don’t just get irked or wait for the animal welfare groups to write in – it is IMPORTANT that individuals show OUR support too. So use all the angry energy you’re feeling and write!

Refer to the originating article for reference on the large dog breed ban and also our post for info on the cat ban.

Remember these points if you’re responding directly to the letter, but DON’T use them verbatim:

  • Changing the rules DOES NOT equate a relaxation of the rules
  • Changing the rules will bring them in line with reality and allow the authorities to deal with issues
  • The letter write’s problems has persisted despite the current stringent rules and her frequent summoning of the Town Council to clean up the mess. Therefore, the rules aren’t working, and stringent as they already are, there’s not much room for tightening them furher, and probably to no avail to an effective solution for her and her family. Thus, it is time to change the rules.

Please circulate widely and tell your fellow-animal lovers too. If you need some guidlenes and tips on letter-writing, refer to this.


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