TNRM issues

We’ve said this about: TNRM – it can succeed, with cooperation and support. Today Dawn blogged about one very important aspect that can make or break the cats’ chances of eking out a living among us:  Management

Ask yourself this question Dawn asked in relation to the complaint she’s handling:

How else can two pretty similar estates, which aren’t very far apart have such different levels of complaints?

She goes on to say:

In one, the caregiver there works really well, gets the cats sterilised, and very importantly, helps handle complaints. In the other, just across the road, which is where today’s complaint came from again, I am sure to have the TC or a resident call fairly regularly with pretty valid complaints.

This can make a huge difference – the cats are less obvious, they are less visible, and people are therefore happier. People with complaints are less likely to be frustrated because caregivers are on hand to help them – not yell at them, or dismiss their complaints as pointless before checking.

In reference, please bear in mind: “Good karma feeding” kill cats


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