More cats for adoption

Got this in the mailbox – sweet kitties for adoption. Please liaise directly with Rosi at 82634907:

Cats For Adoption

X-breed Persian. She is toilet trained. Basically she could eat anything but I suggest to give solid food.

Kelly. Age unknown. Litter box train. Very playful. She is a very pretty cat. You would love the moment you set an eye on her.

Pretty. So named because she has pretty eyes. Female tabby cat. Age unknown. She has perfect long tail. Litter box train. Eat solid food. Playful.

Toffee. Male ginger cat. Age unknown. Litter box train. Eat solid food. Very playful he loves running around the house. He has perfect long tail.

For adoption, please call Rosi at 82634907.
Or email at

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