Croaking frogs after midnight rain disturb my sleep, TC go and catch!

… as if they would even entertain such a call!

So why the eagerness to cull cats when they receive cat complaints? Especially irrational complaints like “black cat scare me”? Cat-whiners hath privileges?

Dawn blogged about one such incident of the TC bending over backward to accommodate unreasonable cat complaints:

Black Cat

I just spoke with another caregiver who said that one of the black cats was trapped in her area – because someone said that a black cat had gone up and she had a huge fright. I got the impression that the cat being black had a part to play in that. When I called the officer to clarify what was happening, he said he was in a meeting and when I tried to give him my contact number he hung up on me in mid-sentence.

So here’s the thing – I can understand that people may feel cats are creating a nuisance, and that there are genuine issues they face. The question is – are we now removing the cats too even when we KNOW there is no problem and the person is being irrational? Where does it end? If I irrationally have a fear of bugs , whose problem is it? Mine or the TC or estate management’s? And will they come and clear all the lizards/flies/mosquitoes that might potentially be anywhere in my immediate vicinity? The list of course can go on and on because after all, there’s nothing rational about it.

I just heard that the TC in question has just rounded up another 3 black cats.


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