Book: Cats in Love

Cats In Love by J.C. Suarès and Jane Martin
(available for loan from the nlb)

Light without being whimsical, heartwarming without being saccharine, thought-provoking without being ponderous.

This pictorial book about cats and their relationships with other cats, non-cats, and even minions, is a great bedtime read. Or maybe see is a more appropriate word, because every picture accompanying each one-page narrative (which are simple and easily digested too) will have you getting all the yawn-kinks in your jaw worked out with the awwing you’ll be doing. Just be sure kitty doesn’t catch on that you’re admiring other cats!

Though there are kitty and kitty-and-buddy pictures aplenty, my favourite story is the one without an accompanying photo of the protagonists, “The Cat and the Grizzly”. Read it and tell me if you feel the same.

I am also partial to “Beau”, “The Grinch and the Burmese”, “Love to a Cat”, “The Easter Cat”, “Tender Ziggy”. But the fact is, every story, evey picture tugs like a yarn being pulled in different directions by playful kittens.

(I shall now privately bemoan the fact the the only time Philly and Rheilly chose to entice me with a cheek-to-cheek embrace photo moment of their own was that one occasion in the dead of night. Ref pictures on 1st page and page 27 of the book for what my comatose brain missed that night months ago)

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