Afterimage: Singapore Wildlife Stampede 2007

The event for which Dr Jane Goodall came to Singapore, the inaugural Singapore Wildlife Stampede (organised by the JGI Roots & Shoots program) took place last Friday. Both tec minions were there, presumably to help out at the Cat Welfare Society‘s booth. But having arrived at the venue under the auspices of volunteering, this minion couldn’t resist wandering afield and shutter-bugging the energy out of my now-squinty right-eye, leaving btmao to hold up our our promise of aid.

Tall tree near ground-zero

Early on, the stage getting set. Nice music made the time go faster. None of that stupid can’t-get-out-of-head insipid odes to brolly-sharing and whatnots

Prelude: Tortoise with no inkling of what’s to come. His in-the-know brethren have already moved further away, behind the stage as soon as sound-check began.

Baby tiger in support of the stampede (Please also be aware: there is no such thing as an endangered White tiger species)

Early audiences. The boy in green was later distraught…

… his football trumped him amd got a better seat in the house. But it was short-lived triumph. A good samaritan armed with his lady companion’s foldable brolly fished it out of the pond and returned the wayward toy to its owner

A member of the immobile brigade who can only sit out the event

Before the stampede came in, the NGOs present were invited to speak about their work, 2 mins per NGO. Ms Dawn Kua, CWS, made quick work of it.

Buzz: As soon as Dr Goodall appeared, the laid-back atmosphere got a jolt. I felt like a papparazzi snapping photos of her.

You can be sure it was a momentous event when you spot silhouettes like these.

The stampede trickles in

Colourful costumes and tired kids. It took btmao and I several closer looks later to identify the globby ones – seahorses they be.

These raptor lookalikes were supposed to be ducks. Something is still fowl, however you look at it.

The Naked Hermit Crabs were out in force too, and their message couldn’t be clearer on hindsight: for modesty’s sake, give us back our shells

Discarded costumes…

… perfect chill lounge

Asiatic Lion and supporter

Asiatic Lion: Manefully detailed

Who says turtles and cats don’t mix? They have something in common – persecution.

Crossing focus beams. Budak has more photos here.

Attending – the audience listening…

… as Dr Goodall spoke, and as she apparently does in her speeches, incorporated the story of Old Man, an ex-lab animal and abused chimp, who found it in himself to reach across the species barrier and befriend his human caregiver.

Old Man’s story is a reflection, it reflects something inside all of us. I believe Dr Goodall’s reflection among the lotus leaves and flowers is a true one.

What is the reflection you see when you look in the mirror? Can you accept what you see? Do you think about what the reflection says to you? What it tells of you? Or are you concerned only with planning the demise of the white-head in that irritatingly prominent spot?