The Cat’s Purr

Everybody knows that cats purr, when content or happy. They also purr when in distress or traumatised.

For example, Chrissy, our Christmas foundling: she purred a fair bit when we first found her, and since we were introducing a lot of changes to her already stressed life, she was not a happy purrer.


But as she settled down at the cattery, she was mostly skittish. We respected her need to be left alone.

Sicne her sterilisation though, we’ve noticed a change – she’s more relaxed, and sometimes she’ll even approach us for head scritches


Last week, she was snoozing even as I pointed the camera at her. Best of all, she was purr-snoozing, and this time, she’s purring out of contentment, not fear or stress.

Chrissy’s happy purring – turn up the volume!

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