When in Rome, speak as the Romans do. Similarly…

… when speaking to your town council about TNRM, talk in terms that makes sense to them

Dawn spoke about the crux of successful TNRM – in addition to sterilisation, from the caregiver perspective:

… Here’s the thing that some feeders are still unclear about – sterilising your cats alone does not protect them. Sterilisation is of course the first and most important thing you can do – and doing it helps to reduce the population, which in all likelihood will reduce the complaints and hence your cats are already safer. However having said that, sterilisation does not help with all complaints. It does not help for example if there are complaints about urination and defecation….

Read the full Sterilisation versus management post on Dawn’s blog.

I agree with Dawn’s view. We know Felinicide doesn’t work, TNRM does. But to the Town Councils, they don’t quite see it in the same terms.

I believe this is why caregivers should never take a currently problem-free situation for granted. Just like none of us should assume that the town councils understand our point when we talk to them about our TNRM. We have to speak to them on their terms.

Like the Chinese saying goes:

(talk human speak to humans, talk ghost speak to ghosts)

We have to know how to say things that will get our point across.

So some basic understanding about the art of negotiation might be handy when meeting and talking to town council, especially in view of that Town Council brilliant spark – ZERO Stray policy.


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