BBC News 20071110: Cats ‘killed by flea treatment’

Thanks to Budak for this news alert.

This is not something new or fresh – many animal welfare organisations have posted alerts and warnings about the danger that dog flea treatment pose to cats, eg, the hsus. This is in addition to the danger that some cat flea treatment post to kitties.

Be aware and mindful that your actions do not put your companion animal in danger, don’t give Jolly Rogers an excuse to laugh at your kitty’s expense!

Last Updated: Saturday, 10 November 2007, 10:35 GMT


Cats ‘killed by flea treatment’

A black and white cat

The chemical is toxic to cats

Hundreds of cats may have died because their owners mistakenly treated them with anti-flea products intended for dogs, a study suggests. The Veterinary Poisons Information Service found that one in 10 cats referred to it had died after being exposed to permethrin.

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One response to “BBC News 20071110: Cats ‘killed by flea treatment’

  1. Someone whose name I will not reveal taught me to save money by getting big dog’s frontline or revolution (which I couldn’t recall now) for cats. I tube according to her could be used by 2-3 cats. I hope this person read this and stop doing it.