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Hong Kong 20071112: 500 animal lovers protest over brutal pet attacks in Hong Kong

Stole this news off the Chaoscat blog.

Asia-Pacific News
500 animal lovers protest over brutal pet attacks in Hong Kong

Nov 12, 2007, 2:20 GMT Hong Kong – Animal lovers in Hong Kong were Monday celebrating the success of a protest march against what they claim is police apathy towards attacks on pets.

Around 500 people holding up banners and giant cardboard cut-out cats and dogs took part in the demonstration Sunday sparked by a case involving a kitten found dumped with its rear legs hacked off.
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Chaoscat wondered

Don’t you wish you can speak up & demonstrate for the rights of animals here too? I certainly do!

tec raises all paws in favour.

Interesting that the article states:

Protestors say that when they report cases of animal abuse to police, which they say are running at a rate of around 10 a month, officers tell them they do not have the resources to help them.

Even with the frustrations that animal lovers here face with trying to get police to assist even with obvious serial cases like Bedok kitten basher David Hooi and Old Airport Road cat killer Wong Geng Thong, the local police did not explicitly cite such an excuse for lack of enthusiasm in working animal cases.

But the article also mentions the increase in punitive measures for the crime, which are much higher than Singapore’s now:

The Hong Kong government last year increased the penalty for acts of animal cruelty from a maximum jail term of six months and a 600-US-dollar fine to three years in prison and a 25,600-US-dollar fine.

But, the problem is without the will to solve the crimes, you could draft the harshest laws, say eternal imprisonment with the worst kind of music or sound the criminal hate playing non-stop, and it would still be just so much ink on paper.

The article closed with the observation that pets are a relatively recent phenomenon, which again begs the understanding of Why Do East Asians Eat Dog/Cat meat?

It may take a while yet to reconcile feeling compassionate about animals still thought of as food in some sections of society.

Keeping pets is a relatively recent practice in the former British colony where a generation ago cats and dogs were eaten as a winter dish, but pets have boomed in popularity in the past 15 years.

But all is not lost… some cats in Hong Kong do have people caring for them.