What goes into your favourite drink?

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Been catching up on my blog reading… and got this interesting bit off the Chaoscat blog.

The foremost question is of course: Is it justifiable to do experiments like what Coca-cola did to chimps, our closest cousins, for the sake of a fizzy can of drink?

Coca-Cola pulls funds on animal testing
November 10th, 2007

Coca-Cola has recently put an end to all animal experiments on its beverages.

Did you know that Coca-Cola used to conduct invasive and deadly animal experiments—including cutting open chimpanzees’ faces in order to conduct taste tests and force-feeding chemicals to rats to test “caramel color”?

Other food & beverage corporations that have ended animal experimentation on their products include PepsiCo & Welch Foods.

Source: Peta

But look deeper – why does a fizzy drink consumed by humans need to be animal-tested for such things as taste-tates and colour, and on creatures that don’t buy the drink? Worse, why is it necessary to repeatedly conduct the same tests on the same animal-candidates? Would they stand up and really be able to tell Coca-cola what’s wrong with the taste or colour of the now ubiquitous drink?

And the scourge extends its oily evil further than believable.

What’s Cruel About Juice?
It’s fairly well known that animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed in outdated product tests for shampoos, household cleaners, cosmetics, hairspray, and other personal-care and household products—but would you have ever thought that animals were being tortured and killed to test juice? It’s true, and it’s a new low for an already atrocious animal-testing industry.

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Be aghast and appalled, but no one should be surprised that animal testing goes beyound toiletries, household products, pet food like Iams, or cosmetics. Or that animals, including cats and dogs, suffer in invasive testing that are often not necessary or irrelevant.

There ARE alternatives to animal testing. But until consumers show recalcitrant animal testing businesses like Procter and Gamble that it will lose their support for its cruelty, the animals, they suffer for your shopping therapy.

So hug your kitties and your poochies tight, but don’t forget about their brethren languishing in labs and test centres purporting to quality-check the petfood you are feeding them, advance science or ensure the colour of your lipstick stays true.

(If you find this post informative, you might like to check out these.)

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  1. how can these people be so cruel to animals they should be punished