Joe under the weather – seriously sick

Please send a kind thought to Joe. The big lovable boy, who’s been adapting to being in the cattery, suddenly fell ill on Friday evening. He, whose appetite Foster Mum and helpers agree is PHENOMENAL, refused to eat.


By Saturday, when we visited, he was running a slight fever. He seemed just a bit lethargic but was looking not too badly off. As he had his booster vaccination earlier in the week, it was attributed to a possible reaction to that, though of course it was a bit strange that he coped well with the first injection.

However, just as we reached home, we got a call from a friend who were still there: Joe had suddenly taken a turn for the worse, and was vomitting and having diarrhrea. Foster Mum had gone out and we didn’t know what to do, as most vets already closed. Luckily, Foster Mum returned soon after. She managed to book an appointment and the friend who called helped to send Joe there. Thankfully, she was accompanied by another friend who drove.

Joe was given medicine and shots for his purging and diarrhea, and his condition stabilised. We had thought he’d be back to the cattery on Sunday, but because he was still running a fever and had no appetite, his release was moved to Monday. We were quite hopeful that he would leave the clinic yesterday.

But well, he’s still unwell. His diarrhea had returned and this time, there’s blood in his feces. His problem is still not diagnosisable, as he’s so weak and dehydrated the vet couldn’t take blood samples for testing.

Hopefully, he’ll be back at the cattery by the weekend, with a proper diagnosis and recovering. We’re keeping our fingers crossed too… and we’ll know the damage to the piggy bank when we visit this Saturday.

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