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Weekend events: PawPledge Adoption Drive Part II

The PawPledge folks’ adoption drive continues this weekend – 24/25 Nov, 11.30am to 6.00pm.

Details here.

Plus, don’t forget to support their merchandise sale.


Whither the cats’ homes?

The homeless cats do not have roofs over their heads, no place to go and be warm, dry and toasty when the monsoons come slashing in or thunder and lightning strikes and it gets cold. But that’s as far as their homelessness extends, because the community is their home. That’s why they are community cats, Singapore’s community cats.

Dawn says it so well here:

Friday, November 23, 2007

The cats have a home

We just had an email from a group of students who want to go a project on sheltering cats because they feel sorry for the cats and wish that the cats have a home and that they have proper food and shelter. While it is very admirable of them to wish to help the cats out, sheltering isn’t the way to go. Besides the obvious thing which is that sheltering only picks up on the after-effects of the problem (and this editorial in Animal People deals with it very nicely), which is that the cats are breeding too quickly on the street, and spends a lot of money which could be used more effectively to tackle breeding through sterilisation, here’s a thing I think we often overlook. The cats HAVE a home and their home is in our communities. It is on our streets, under our void decks, in our carparks, our schools, etc.

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She ends her post by saying:

We should realise that many cats already have a loving home – and that just because it doesn’t fit our definition of a home in the traditional sense, doesn’t make it any less so.

This is why I believe the problems that we have regarding cats, are mostly human-made. If we can be just a bit tolerant, understanding, and accepting, what’s stopping them or us living in our communities in harmony? Would there be a place for such silliness as the Town Councils’ brilliant spark – ZERO Stray policy?