Daily Archives: November 26, 2007

Area3: Martin missing


Last Monday, since btmao sighted 3 large dogs in the field next to the gangland, Martin has beein missing. Mary and Marcus also went missing on Monday itself, but have since kept their breakfast appointments. Only Martin remains missing. It’s been a week now, and we’re very worried for him. Scouring the area turned up no bloody mess or other clues as to whether he is alive and well, injured or… worse. But this is not the first time that Martin’s encountered dog packs: when he was growing up, there was a lot of construction work gonig on in the area and therefore dog packs running around. We’re quite confident he’s able to avoid them and escape unscathed. The problem is, where is he now? Did he get lost while trying to lose the dogs’ attention?

Please send a kind thought for Martin’s well-being. Already, tiny Macy’s been missing since June (for no reason that we can discern) – Martin’s absence may undermine the stability of the gangland, as he’s the boss who keeps the peace and integrity of the gangland borders.