Return of the kitty

Snowball, Atom to his mum, will no longer be able to call his home “home”. His mum called me last night, and she sounded grave. She said that she has to return him as her brother has developed an allergy to him.

This, nearly a year after they adopted him. This is our first case of a returned cat, but well, at least he’s going back to the cattery – making arrangements for that, as soon as possible per her request – rather than being turned out on the street.

He’ll have to get used to being a cat among many again.

But his adoption chances are good, going by his previous adoption run.

I’m sure we can find him another home, hopefully a truly permanent one this time.


8 responses to “Return of the kitty

  1. What??!?!?!? Oh well .. @ least they called you


  2. Yeah, quite surprised as she and brother seemed to dote on him. But, oh well, there’s no point pushing the issue and insisting on trying out alternatives because she was quite firm in her decision. So we’ll have to respect that.

  3. he’s so handsome and have such unique eyes!

  4. Snowball deserves better. This adopter deserves the “Hall of Shame”

  5. Adopter doesn’t deserve “MUM”. What mum would give up her child for ANY reason!
    And allergy to cat …one year down the road may not be due even to cats but even if it were, there are preventive measures! Perhaps it was some “care-less” remark from a doctor with a quick-buck consultation, “Oh it must be your cat. Get rid of it!”

  6. Edwin,
    He is quite the looker, and is super affectionate too, follows people around like a puppy. Know anyone who could give him the love he craves?

    Actually, we’re not mad with his mum and based on what’ve we seen and know, can’t say for certain she ought to be up in that Hall. For one thing, she’s not a local girl, and they have a bit of problem with communication here. We’re disappointed for sure, especially since he’s one very manja “sticky” cat who by his mum’s admission would follow them all around their home. But as we said, both she and her brother did show great affection for him.

    I also suspect your quick-buck consultation theory, but given the difficulty with comprehension, and her anxiety for her brother’s health, I decided to not pursue her reason for wanting to give him up. She sounded distressed enough during the call.

    Yes, me, the human-cynic, is standing on the side of people…

  7. Poor baby… He’s so beautiful. I hope he finds a truly permanent home soon!

  8. Isabel,
    Thanks. We should be seeing him at the cattery soon. Will take it from there… but he may need some time to get over it. So we’ll wait for him to settle down before putting him up for adoption.