Fellowship of the tubbies

Something is taking the kitty life by snooze – tubs are the new snug. Even the likes of Zacky, Angelmiao (tiger-balm cat to btmao), and Kootoo (newest member) have self-conscripted.

So in commemoration of the fellowship’s girth (set to the rhyme of the One Ring):

Snug tub for the scheming-cat prowling and sly,

Roomy for the Dwarf-cat in her dreams alone,

Teddy_20071011_15x BamBam_20070929_04x
Pot for bigger cats comfy lie,

Brown for the buff queen on her dark throne

In the house of slackers where the minions slave.

BamBam_20071018_07x Joey_20070909-08x Philly_20070620_-5x
Tubbies to please them all, Tubbies to frame them,

Rheilly_Philly_20070928_08x Philly_Rheilly_20070712_-05x
Tubbies to bring them all and in the tightness snug them

Philly_CatHouse_20071107_04x Philly_20070213_01x
In the house of slackers where the minions slave.

Teddy_20070111_-03x Philly_tunnel_20070828_-2x


3 responses to “Fellowship of the tubbies

  1. sweet prose…

  2. Aww. This is sooo cute! I might have to get some tubs for my cats 🙂

  3. Xiuwen,
    Hee… thanks!

    Tubs are really good (for our sanity) – last longer than cardboard boxes and don’t tatter. 🙂