I know my daemon, do you know yours?

The Golden Compass will bow next week. I’m psyched up about it, and hope the wet-blanket syndrome doesn’t affect its box-office. This is a relevantly thematic movie with an important message.

One of the key concepts of the story is the existence of Daemons (differing in function from the mythological version in our existence). Mine is a great guy called Laefe. He’s an ocelot and he’s my daemon because I took the test and have been deemed: modest, sociable, assertive, competitive, and spontaneous.

Go to the movie website and select “Meet your Daemon” near the bottom right of the screen, beside the stoat, follow the instructions, take the test, and tell us your Daemon.

Now, if only the kiddie swarms at the national library branches aren’t so savvy as to hog the books!

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