Crow: miao mum, miao friend (doing it all without the opposable thumb)

Filched from the Otterman’s blog. Watch it end-to-end!

The crow is indeed a creature with brains, said to rival the Great Apes. They are problem solvers, and tool-makers, and guess what, they do it without hands or oppossable thumbs. So much for humanity’s strutting for possessing the vaulted digit… which isn’t even that exclusive.

Unfortunately for the crow, it is viewed as a pest to be exterminated, and in a vulgar strange twist of macabre clout, its death toll was bandied as a sign of efficiency and political will for one candidate during the last election in Singapore. This is despite the existence of humane population control options, much like cats, which have very very rudimentary opposable digits too.

And if you need to know: the difference between a crow and a raven.

8 responses to “Crow: miao mum, miao friend (doing it all without the opposable thumb)

  1. I am fortunate to have a crow and a kitty living together. They are not as close as the pair in the tube because both were not youngsters when they first met. But the bird likes to hang around the cat and even goes all out to ‘woo’ her to play with him. Funny thing is cat allows bird to feed from her food dish.

    Animals are amazing creatures and sometimes they can be so trusting, even with their ‘enemies’. :p

  2. that was amazing.

  3. AVA would like to have us believed that the shooting of crows by members of the Singapore Shooting Club was effective. Confessing the real reason of “live” practice and the renumeration from each ” murdered” crow would have been less insulting to the intelligence of some of us. There are also the baby crows dying from starvation when the mother-crow never returns.

  4. More victims of politics. It’s hard to reconcile the justifications given with the kind of barbarity that is perpetuated each day. Like the Japanese fishermen who thoughtlessly slaughter dolphins, people who kill crows do not stop to think about the intelligent creatures that they are persecuting. Why not? It’s much easier to dehumanise the other party, making life simpler and the conscience less burdened.

  5. Suzanna,
    Someday, you gotta post a vid!

    Vegancat, N
    I believe it’s a consequence of ignorance on the public’s part, and condoning such actions. Like the unfeeling person who left this comment

  6. Gotta love how people casually spout garbage about things that they don’t know jack about. I used to get angry about such stupidity, but nowadays I just ignore them because the people who say such things obviously haven’t given them much thought.

  7. N,
    Yes, agree. I just had to respond though, as these sort of people have the uniquely egomaniac trait of assuming the infalliibility of their warped reasoning. 😛 Maybe I’m just a closet bitch-slap junkie