Area2 disappointing development


Remember Saba and her housemates?

When we got Sunny and Sumie sterilised last month at our expense, we got the owner, Sue, to agree to let us help arrange to sterilise Saba and her baby at her expense. Saba was to be sterilised in the first week of December, as that’s when we agreed that Sabia, her only surviving kitten out of a litter of 5, will have weaned.

Sabia at 1 month.

So, I called Sue yesterday evening to arrange for Saba’s de-mojoing. But unsurprisingly, Saba is now pregnant. (She had been doing the birds and bees thing with Stanley in October/November when we went round surveying her area).

The problem is that Sue’s husband is adamant about letting her give birth first, even though Sue says he is unhappy at the fact that more money will have to be spent sterilising their soon-to-be new cats. I made it clear to Sue that it really does mean more cats to be sterilised, at their own expense. She confirms that she is aware of it.

So we will have to wait another 2-3 months at least to have Saba done. I am not too hopeful that Saba’s new kittens will be healthy or survive long, given the outcome of her current and first litter. Also, as time drags on, we are concerned that the family may think of abandoning the babies. However, we are cautiously hopeful that they will at least be responsible in this regard – they do seem to care for the cats, and since I mentioned that Muslim friends have told me about the origin of the M on little Sabia’s forehead which Sue was previously unaware of, they seemed to cherish the cats more. (Sue’s daughters named Sabia Misty precisely because of the M).

We will keep in touch with Sue and monitor the situation.

On a tangent, Sue mentioned that a friend also wants us to help arrange for her pet cat, a young female getting “horny”, to be sterilised. Sue had mentioned us to her friend as her friend was going to send her cat to a vet with whom we mentioned having some unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, while Sue did keep her promise to not tell others that we paid for the sterilisations in November, she did tell her friend about the costs. I reminded Sue that our arrangements for her were special, as we were concerned about the problems in her area and we wanted to reduce the potential for problems there. Therefore, her friend had to make any arrangements herself and that the special rates may not apply, though I can give her the contacts for vets who are ok, in our experience.

Also, I mentioned that already, the actual costs of the November sterilisations were higher than communicated as we had to go with another vet, rather than the usual one due to the urgency of the situation. We had not mentioned the difference in charges to her since we were paying for it. But this time,we had checked and even the usual vet’s fees have risen to be on par with the other vet’s. I told her I was telling her this so she can be prepared for the coming sterilisations and understand that fees and rates may change. She said she understand and that henceforth, she will tell anyone who asks to check with the clinics for the rates.

Hopefully, we will be able to get Saba, her new babies, and Sabia done as planned.