Carlie… forced migrant from Yishun?

Carlie is getting better at trusting me today. She followed to the doorway as soon as she identified and located me. I only had to dole out one small dollop of food to get her to follow me downstairs.


I’ve thinking about Carlie’s origins, not the evolutionary path that led to her beautifully abstract work-of-art coat pattern, but whence she came. To me, it seemed she exhibited the behaviour of a cat familiar with care-givers – why else the instinct to follow someone who calls using that kitty-clucking, the sound of a bag of jostling cans, spoons tapping on ground, or the sight of mulch on paper? And yet she’s leery of strangers.

She would not likely be a housecat as she has not fouled up the carpark at all. Abandoned home pets, especially toilet-trained ones, would find a nice quiet corner, ideally with a pipe or drainage hole, ideal for precisely this and just let it flow. Instead, Carlie seemed to be fastidious enough to take the trouble to go down to the grass patches.

Today, I finally saw which exit she used to get up and down. Our neighbourhood carpark is one of those with spiral extrances/exits. Thankfully, she uses the entrance to get up and down. Her territory being the second level, this means that she would instinctly scoot back up if a car came up as she was going down. Similarly, if she was going up as a car came up behind her, she would scoot all the faster back to the second level. So in that sense, she was as safe from being spooked and run over on the spiral as could be possible. It would have been the complete opposite if she was using the other spiral, the exit spiral. In any case, that opens onto the ground floor right where Ivan habitually waits for btmao, so all in all, it’s a happy happenstance.

But her street-savvy is a bit of a puzzle (though a good one!). She’s the first cat who has taken up residence without our knowledge. So I was not surprised to see veganmeow’s comment about her resemblance to a cat missing from Yishun. This is not something new, Dawn has blogged about several instances of community cats going missing or rounded up but not showing up at the AVA. For sure, some instances are due to overzealous people who think it a kindness to forcibly send cats into shelters, without so much as a by-your-leave from caregivers (whose cats often are doing better than those in shelters), or overzealous estate cleaning contractors, or catnapped to become homepets, but there are other instances aplenty that remain unsolved.

If Carlie is indeed the cat missing from Yishun, and that cat went missing from being rounded up, perhaps we have a concrete case of round-about-dumping. And here’s something important to remember in cases like this: Always call when you lose a cat. More vitally, to that end, get in touch with your TC and work with them BEFORE the problem happens! Especially if you’re inclined to think it troublesome to claim yuor missing cats back if they were sent to AVA – speaking to the TC and establising a working-relationship will save you that trouble. Remember, management is KEY, as important as sterilisation.

(NOTE: Dawn, if you read this, see how reliant this minion is on your blog for real-life examples! 🙂 )

2 responses to “Carlie… forced migrant from Yishun?

  1. I am much honoured – thank you!

  2. The honour is ours. 🙂