April – difficult patient

We visited the cattery on Saturday.

The first thing Foster Mum said was that April was a very difficult cat to feed meds to.

The naughty one had even given her helper, MM, bad scratches, and had succeeded in not taking her meds thus far – syringing, pill-popping, pounded-pill-in-food, nothing seemed to work as she would foam and spit out everything. She was even refusing food.

btmao and i decided to go with MM to try to get April to take her meds. After several tries, and witnessing her violent resistence, we managed to get her to take a bit of the meds. MM was worried about April as in refusing even food, she was starting to get dehydrated again.

April also seemed to be salivating prodigiously.


MM had been trying to coax her to eat. But at the time we left, the dish containing April’s favourite food was still untouched.


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