Area1 Carpark this morning

I went to the second level to look for Carlie, who’s not been seen since Friday. But I couldn’t find her, so I went looking for Ivan instead. He was at his usual spot on the grond floor, which was a good sign that things are back to normal, at least for him.

While he ate, I again looked him over, and affirmed that he’s not injured. Strangely, he wasn’t all that keen on food – he probably left about 20% of the mulch.

Ivan. After-food grooming.

While he was eating, I heard some distant meowing, so after I cleaned up after him, I again went up to have a look. Still no sign of Carlie, so I went home.

Soon after I got home, my mum went out to burn joss-paper. When she got back, she told me she heard loud pitiful meows from the carpark and asked if Ivan’s still hungry. So I told her I suspect it’s Carlie since Ivan didn’t even finish what I gave him.

Once again I went out to the carpark. This time, I found her on the third floor. She, as usual, just appeared suddenly, silently and sat staring at me.


I guess she fled up one more level for refuge after the fiasco on Friday. The fact that we found Ivan on the second level on Saturday adds more credibility to this theory. I just hope it’s temporary.

This time, she didn’t seem very hungry. I could not get her to follow me either. I guess she and Ivan might have had food.

Incidentally, I’ve communicated with the person who might have lost a cat in Yishun. We agreed that given the circumstances, it might be better to let Carlie, if indeed it is her, to remain in the carpark here.


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