Snowball weekend update

ML, Snowball‘s new mum has updated us twice via phone over the weekend, and also via email on his progress.

ML had ,at times, let Kolar out of his cage (used to allow him to settle down and acclimatise), and he was allowed free run on the balcony where access to the dining area can be had for the determined kitty. And so that was happened: the monster squirmed his way into the dining area and chased and scared ML’s youngest cat, KeLe badly on Saturday. So ML decided to keep him in the cage unless under strict supervision until further notice. She was also quite disturbed by Kolar’s aggression in his attack and also raised the possibility that if things do not work out, she may have to return him. This is understandable of course.

Strangely, Kolar seemed to have reached accords of peace with KeYuan, ML’s first and bigger girl. Even stranger is that he seemed to accept the dogs better. What a catist! And poor little KeLe – whom we theorised could have unknowingly triggered Kolar’s aggression with her kitten-gumption and naivete.

On Sunday, ML called with more updates. She asked if it was ok for her to return the carrier which was used to bring Kolar home next week, and told us her plan, which she hoped we would agree with: She will try for the next month to continue integrating Kolar. Her “last resort” will be to send him to live with her mother, where there are no other animals, except for a occassionally visiting golden retriever whom her mother raised, and is now living with her sister. Kolar will be kept in a room during the goldie’s visit. ML will continue to be fully responsible for him.

ML is making contigency plans in case integration does not work as she does not want to give Kolar up. She felt it to be too traumatic for him to have to go back to the cattery and wait for a third family. Also, Kolar is an absolute darling with people (having melted the hearts of all and sundry, including her visiting sister and the vet), which seemed to hint at the possibility of exorcising the monster to ML.

ML has discussed her plan with her mother and husband, and both are agreeable.

I would be lying to say I am not disappointed that Kolar’s integration doesn’t seem to be going smoothly – but it’s not unexpected either. However, it would be a bigger lie to say I am not touched and surprised by the thought and effort ML has put into considering Kolar’s needs and well-being.

Of course, we were agreeable to her plan, but I reiterated that really, should she decide so, it’s perfectly ok to return him to the cattery. She said that Foster Mum had told her the same but she’s determined to try to give Kolar the home he deserves. That’s why she wanted to return the carrier asap, as the presence of the carrier is a temptation to what she sees as too easy a way out. She had originally intended to return the carrier this weekend but she and her husband decided that it was more important to spend more time with their brood in light of what has transpired, and so they’ve decided to delay the return of the carrier by a week.

I made a suggestion about disciplining Kolar with water-squirting if he got aggressive and postured around the resident furries again.

I also shared our 8-month experience with Bam Bam and Teddy, reintroducing them when they were three (worthy of a saga-type post), and also Bobby‘s parents’ patience that saw him finally accepting his elder “sibling” Mao Mao, a year after adoption. Both are extreme cases to be sure, and though I am not sure if it was encouraging or discouraging to ML, at least it seemed to bolster her confidence that things could work out. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

ML has also graciously agreed to share photos of Kolar’s new siblings in this email:

No worries, we are very use to problem kids . My big boy (1st dog) gives us all kind of health problems since he was five months, he is now 8 1/2 year old. He has gone thru six operations so far, luckily he is a brave boy & is doing very well. My 2nd boy (used to call him my little boy but now Kolar takes the title) used to have hip & skin problems in his younger days too.

I saw Kolar trying to lick his tail on the shaved portion but after a few “NO” from me, he seems to understand & stop the action. After that, we don’t see him doing that again :), probably, he just feel bored. We are trying to spend more time with him as he is now not mixing with the rest coz he has yet to recover from flu.

He starts eating quite a bit since Tuesday. Yesterday, he ate 1/2 can of wet food & 3 tablespoons of kibble. He is calling out to me & my husband, Kenneth whenever he sees us now.

I have attached the following pictures:

1) youngest in the family – KeLe, nickname “the monkey” kele_x.jpg
2) my first little catty girl – KeYuan keyuan_x.jpg
3) my darling boys – believe it or not, I bought the big one as a sheltie (which he is supposed to be only 1/3 of his actual size now) haha.. see how
irresponsible some petshop owners or breeders can be. Kobi is the big one & Kilo is the short one – hehe kobe-and-kilo_x.jpg

Kolar better wise up!

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