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BBC News: Ancient polar bear jawbone found

A bit of geeking. This is really interesting news (emphasis mine):

Last Updated: Monday, 10 December 2007, 17:19 GMT

Ancient polar bear jawbone found
By Jonathan Amos
Science reporter, BBC News, San Francisco

What may be the oldest known remains of a polar bear have been uncovered on the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic.

The jawbone was pulled from sediments that suggest the specimen is perhaps 110,000 or 130,000 years old.

Professor Olafur Ingolfsson from the University of Iceland says tests show it was an adult, possibly a female.

The find is a surprise because polar bears are a relatively new species, with one study claiming they evolved less than 100,000 years ago.

If the Svalbard jawbone’s status is confirmed, and further discoveries can show the iconic Arctic beasts have a deeper evolutionary heritage, then the outlook for the animals may be more positive than some believe.

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BBC News: Cat, 26, could be record breaker

Thanks to Budak for letting us know. And black‘s such an unpopular pet cat colour here as in a lot of places:

Last Updated: Sunday, 2 December 2007, 14:20 GMT

Cat, 26, could be record breaker
A 26-year-old domestic cat from Shropshire could be one of the oldest in the UK.


The elderly cat survived a fox attack four years ago

Pussywillow lives in Ratlinghope and is still “sharp in her mind and her eyes”, according to owner Lin Brown.

The black cat, who now enjoys curling up by the stove, lived off animals she caught herself until she was 22, Ms Brown said.

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In relation to Pussywillow’s secret to longevity, you might want to consider your cats’ menu options, and review your knowledge on commercial cat food, and cat food alternatives.

Small mercy for cowardly softies

I was reading this post on the Washington Humane Society’s blog.

From fostering this handsome boy, the blog writer has become his new parent.

China Man was adopted from Washington Humane Society
Great news for the new mum and kitty!

It also set me off thinking. For certains reasons, we are not able to foster any of the cats we rescued. But thankfully, Foster Mum is able to do so on our behalf. Given the fact that we’re already finding it unbearable to “give up” the ones adopted out, we’d be even more hard-pressed to actually adopt them out if we had been able to foster them, it is really a mercy to us heart-cowards to have Foster Mum.

Kudos to all fosters, who open their hearts and homes to needy animals, and then find that steel-nerve to let go when these kiddies find permanent homes to go to… or decide to give these kiddies the homes they need with them.

Landy, Kitty Boy and Sweetie found homes

Great news!

Super love-machine Landy has been adopted, while Kitty Boy and Sweetie has been added to Foster Mum’s private menagerie, as companions for Kobe.

Kitty Boy, Sweetie and Kobe are growing up really fast! And so active it’s tough to get decent shots of them. But I will try to get a few and update.

I will also be updating the adoption blurbs for the others, and adding more from Foster Mum’s lot of homeseekers. As for our own bunch… all 5 (Angel, Corrie, Chrissy, Frankie, April) are probably going to make the cattery their permanent home since all have problems that decreases their chances of adoption to almost zero. We’re fine with that, as long as Foster Mum will have them, as she and her helpers do give such TLC. Being in the cattery, these invalids are in really fine hands.