BBC News: Cat, 26, could be record breaker

Thanks to Budak for letting us know. And black‘s such an unpopular pet cat colour here as in a lot of places:

Last Updated: Sunday, 2 December 2007, 14:20 GMT

Cat, 26, could be record breaker
A 26-year-old domestic cat from Shropshire could be one of the oldest in the UK.


The elderly cat survived a fox attack four years ago

Pussywillow lives in Ratlinghope and is still “sharp in her mind and her eyes”, according to owner Lin Brown.

The black cat, who now enjoys curling up by the stove, lived off animals she caught herself until she was 22, Ms Brown said.

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In relation to Pussywillow’s secret to longevity, you might want to consider your cats’ menu options, and review your knowledge on commercial cat food, and cat food alternatives.


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