34 Unconvincing Arguments for God

Since we’re on the tip-toey topic of Atheism / Theism, I must say that I am rather surprised that overall, the comments on that post seemed to be rationally made. I appreciate it.

And while we’re still tipping-toeing around the topic, here’s an interesting article: 34 Unconvincing Arguments for God by Pharyngula.

Budak, who pointed it out to us, highlighted No 23, which we found really interesting. Do take a look.

Lest anyone thinks we’re anti-religionists, we just want it clear that we believe that whatever’s one’s creed, there is no definitely defining way to identify or classify a person as a good or bad. Good and bad people exist in every creed. Just as each contain good apples, every single barrel is tainted by bad ones too.

With that, we shall now return to tec’s regular feline programme.


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