Appeal for help: Joe and April’s vet bills

Joe’s final journey left behind a vet bill of $519.50.

while April’s vet visit on 7 Dec costed $429.05 and a pet-transport cost of $20.

The Spots of Washington DC and Mr Edwin Tan has kindly helped to meet part of the bills. Are you able to help too? No amount is too small. If you are able to help, please write to us at or see this page for info on how to do so. Thank you.

6 responses to “Appeal for help: Joe and April’s vet bills

  1. Munny in your kitty, courtesy of Kootoo Monster, Muffin Terror and Milo Poopster! Check your bank acct 🙂

  2. Dear KMM Adminstrator,
    The said transaction has been verified. The KMM crew’s generosity is very much appreciated. Here’s a raincheck for unlimited scritches by the minion door-to-door service, which will be realised once appointment is confirmed,

    For your reference, the vet bill receipt for April has been emailed to you. Due to arrangements between Foster Mum and Joe’s vet, no official receipt was issued for his expenses. However you can verify the amount with the clinic (details in email)

    With deepest appreciation,
    tec admin minion

  3. Hah! All we ask of the tec minion is to clip Muffin’s nails and mebbe give him a bath if you’re still well and alive after the pedicure session 😛

  4. Egads!

    Erm, then we will have to delay our appointment until we have increased our meagre insurance covergae and ensure our wills are duly made. 😛

  5. Hope Aoril is recovering well.

  6. Hi catsandpandas,
    She is doing much better, thanks to the TLC of foster mum and her helper MM. Will post an update later today.

    Thank you for asking after her. 🙂