Carlie wanders the carpark

Unlike yesterday, I managed to locate Carlie this morning, and after a laborious ritual, finally fed her.

I first went to the 2nd floor and then 3rd floor of the carpark, and could not locate her. So I fed Ivan.

Then I went back up to the 3rd floor and searched again. On a hunch, I then went up the 4th floor. I don’t know why, but I then went back to the 3rd floor. After an extended search, she finally appeared, silent as before, in front of a parked car.


All the rapport we built before the male posturing last Friday was shot to hell. I knew I had to re-do the whole trust-me-here’s-a-dollop routine from scratch.

The first dollop was placed 1.5m from her. Apparently she wasn’t impressed and was about to disppear under the car she was hovering at again. I quickly added more mulch and backed to 3m away. She sat motionless for a good 5-10 minutes just staring off to my side before cautiously proceeding to the dollop. She then made a move toward my direction. I quickly move another 5 or so metres to the other side of the lane and laid another dollop and moved another 3m away. But she stopped about 3m away from the dollop and refused to come closer.

She then started retreating. So I caught her attention and scooped up the dollop and placed it nearer to her, about 2m on her side of the lane. A man came by and went up the car entrace spiral to thr 4th floor, all the time casting curious looks at Carlie and me. It’s a wonder such an inattentive person has not caused any accidents in the carpark!

Anyway, Carlie took the dollop after about 5 minutes of procrastination and then voluntarily made a move toward me. She was warming up at least. I quickly laid another dollop 2m from the last one, next to a parked car. She was eating that when my next dollop spot was compromised.

It was to be right by a car, but at the moment, the car owners entered and revved up the engine. I had to wait for them to move off before proceeding. It took them so long I was afraid Carlie might have scooted back to her first car.

Luckily, her appetite was whetted already. She hung around nearby, beyond the car where she had the last dollop. I laid a new dollop and went across the lane to the “platform” abutting the doorway. That would be a safe spot to feed her the rest of the food. Still, before I laid the food there on the platform, I tried to lure her through the doorway, but as before, it was too much to ask of her the first day.

I stood at attention 1.5m away while she carefully slink up to the full mulchy meal. Throughout her meal I did not move, and watched her finish everything, including the moisture and jelly.

Just as she finished, a couple came up to a car directly opposite the platform and spooked her. So I cleared up the meal and went to dispose of the remnants. I was a bit surprised to see her tailing me. It’s a good sign tomorrow might see her eating on the ground floor.

Off on a tangent: by the time Carlie appeared, it was past 9am, and still the carpark seem rather full. I wonder what people who drove the vehicles there do for a living, to be able to afford their own transport and at the same time, not have to join the peak hour crush. I also had a tiny revelation why it’s better to feed cats on the ground floor. Sometimes we get seen, and we feed using a metal spoon (plastic ones aren’t easy to wash clean and being unreusable, aren’t environmental) – should there be vandalism problems on the higher floors, we might get implicated. So I still hope that Carlie will get with the programme and let us feed her on the ground level.


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