Relief! Cara’s around

We had thought Cara’s gone off someplace, having missed her at breakfast service for the past weeks. She usually hung out at the stone tables at the void deck next to the carpark.

But while I was clearing Carlie‘s meal, she appeared suddenly, right on the 3rd floor of the carpark, and called to me.

The precarious perch where she called to me.

I quickly went through the closed doorway linked to her perch – a spiral stairways on the opposite end from the Carlie doorway.

Immediately, she circled and rubbed against me, very enthusiastically.

She followed me downstairs to her usual feeding spot without hesitation, and in fact led me there. (I WISH Carlie would at least trust us that much.)

Looking none the worse for the missed breakfasts


Cara: Haha! I am sated at last!

Why did Cara suddenly abandon her favourite place to lounge and wait for breakfast? We can only ascribe Cara’s absence to intolerant people who might have scared her off her usual perches at the tables. So much so that she took to hiding in the carpark. The poor girl, this is not the first time she’s been bullied.

Anyone willing to give this lovely cat a home?
We’d be happy to arrange for vaccination and to assist with acclimatising her to a home environment.

2 responses to “Relief! Cara’s around

  1. she look like angelmiao’s long lost sisteh..

  2. LOL. You’ve said that before. Wanna give her a home? Or procure one for her? 🙂