Carlie and a surprise… make that three

Locating Carlie today was a relative fast process, compared to yesterday. She’s still on the third floor though.

She meowed at me as soon as she knew I’d spotted her, which I took to indicate her hunger and perhaps cautious trust/hope of succour. I made sure to use the cat food flavour that was so successful in luring her down from the second floor before that fateful day. It’s the schtinkiest “premimum fussie cat” flavour: “premium tuna and shrimp”. The slackers won’t have anything to do with it, and as I mushed it up to better entice Carlie, I nearly retched several times too. She followed me as soon as she smelled the mulch, which I thought was a very very good sign that she is trusting me enough to let me lead to the ground floor.

Even then, I only managed to persuade to follow me down half a flight of stairs before she fled back to the 3rd floor. It seemed to me that the male-male fiasco has frightened her so badly she dare not venture to the second or ground level.

Having failed to entice her downstairs, I fed her at the quietest corner, right by the doorway.

Carlie lapping up the schtinky mulch with cautious gusto

Looking out from time to time

All done, and a look at her tail.

She disappeared behind the pillar where this car was parked. Notice the human litter? Unless I misjudged the time it’s been there, it will take another few days before they disappear.

As I was taking the used “dish” of Carlie’s meal to be discarded into the rubbish bin at the opposite end, I saw, along the lane leading to the spiral exit this sight:


Further along, there, another “gift”, right at the tip leading into a lot, where there’s a parked car.

Since there had been no such fouling on the second floor, I believe this is the proof that she is either too spooked by that male-male scuffle or too confused to go downstairs to eliminate on the grass.

I was going to clear up the mess after I disposed of her meal, but then I thought I heard some meows – which frankly, made my heart skip a beat. Then I saw it was Cara, who we thought missing since October!

So I went and fed Cara before returning to clear away the poo. Luckily, my responsible feeder bag was well-equipped.

I also called btmao and we decided that for Carlie, we’d have to do things a bit differently. For one, we won’t feed her anymore, unless she follows us downstairs. For another, we’d institute night feeding for her.

(btmao, as the main feeder, has done away with night feeding for more than a year now, for two reasons. One, the clannies have other food sources, as they are all fat and frequently refuse breakfast or dinner or nibble just bits, wasting food. Also it means they’ve got more than they can eat. Two, feeding them twice a day was taking its toll on btmao’s health – she was reaching home as late as 2.5 to 3 hours after her feeding rounds straight after work. Also, since the clannies didn’t need two meals a day, serving breakfast ensured a more stable feeding schedule, whereas night-feeding might be affected by work commitments.)

We’d start tonight, to get Carlie familiar with btmao, who has not seen Carlie in purrson yet.

NOTE: if you have experience with cats defecating in multi-story carparks, we’d appreciate hearing your experience and how you solved it.


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