Schmelly Schfetishes

Milo, the KMM crew’s self appointed throne companion

The Mama of the KMM Crew, caught me lurking on their blog, researching her thesis on throne companions then and now, and asked me outright:

Calsifer – care to shed some light on this feline preference for all things stinko?

Since the conundrum of the fetisher cat who turns up his nose at an unsanitary litterbox, and yet seeks out air passed through sanitarious routines piques me so, I took the bait.

First, an understanding of How the Sense of Smell Influences Behavior is required, because THE NOSE KNOWS.

In addition, the very important Jacobson’s Organ (or vomeronasal organ), employed in the curious open-mouthed ritual called Flehming is described here. It may not look it, but your kitty is actually enjoying the experience of Flehming. (If your kitty is legal-aged, you could consider giving him or her another avenue to intoxication: catnip, or kitty moonshine .There is even catnip tea, as recommended by

Though there is outright no answer to schfetishes in googledom, what is certain is that le nose is such a crutch of the cat’s world of esteem and purrstige. It is said that:

Your cat will rub up against you and other companion pets for a scent exchange. While depositing his scent on you, he is also picking up your scent, which he will carefully lick and taste off his fur. (And we thought he was just grooming himself!)


We can thus infer that cats WANT their people’s smell on them. Essence of Jammy Toesies or Eau de Armpit are therefore much preferred fragrances compared to say, Parfum of Hair (though the hair follicles are an entirely different obsession).

If you’re observant, you may be rewarded with a close-up study of how your cat carefully going through the ritual to determine if yourpersonal concoction of Essense of Jammy Toesies qualify.

This outcome would be the ultimate affirmation of your essence‘s quality.


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