Trout Stage Daring Breakout at Fish Farm

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Trout Stage Daring Breakout at Fish Farm

Photo via Telegraph

Today, however, I’ll be thinking of a few British trout in terms like daring and brave. Recently, a fish farm in Britain was the scene of an escape worthy of Steve McQueen.

Owners of a fish farm near the village of Alresford have been raising fish for nearly 30 years. Recently they noticed some of their brown trout appeared to be missing. Then a local wildlife photographer and friend of the fish farmers made an amazing discovery.

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While you cheer the escaping trout, perhaps you might want to give animal escapes a bit more thought. Once again, we ask you:

While thinking about your reactions to animal escapees and the ones who lost their lives for our taste buds, why not consider reducing your meat consumption? If nothing else, it’s eco to do so, and you don’t want to be blamed for literally eating up the Earth’s ravaged resources, do you?

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