Cara: carpark cat

This morning, I was going to check on Carlie’s location and also see if there’s any more poo pile, but got sidetracked by Cara.

I spy… Cara was on the carpark’s 3rd floor, facing the door. She was in the same location where she called me yesterday.

I had planned to check on Carlie first, but Cara displayed that uncanny knack of hers for recognition and came tearing down the stairs. So I led her to her usual feeding spot and served her first.

She did look a bit worse for wear today. Her haunches were more distinct.

While she was eating, a man with rustling plastic bags, passing by on the other side, caught her attention.

She abandoned the food and seemed intent on ascertaining the identity of the man and watched and listened for him intently. As soon as he was out of range, she seem to lose interest.

I thought she’d go back and finish up but no. So I cleared up and was going back to the carpark lift lobby, where there’s a rubbish bin, to dispose of the remnants when I saw her following me.

There was a sudden increase in human traffic, and she seemed a bit stressed by it, I so I tried to lure her back across the road to her feeding spot where she can perch on high and perhaps feel safer.

But she refused to follow me and was going into the carpark when she tensed up suddenly, and scooted to the side, wary and trying to hide at the same time.

I heard it then, footsteps and plastic bags rustling. I knew I was going to meet someone she did not care for.

A man emerged, and he sort of communicated with Cara before crossing the road. She remained extremely wary, and I was about to turn away when he hailed me. It was the same Chinese uncle who thought we abandoning a cat when we were trying to get Stanley that day.

He smiled and told me that Cara is very fierce and that she “咬人” (bite people). Since he could mean she was aggressive to cats, rather than people. I tried to confirm his meaning. I said she doesn’t seem so to me, very friendly in fact. And he said that’s because she knows me. Then he said the cat I was trying to catch that day was on the 2nd floor. My heart sank. He asked me if he cat I was trying to get was “花花的” (patterned)… so it was Carlie he meant. I said that i was trying to get an unsterilised cat but that one’s another cat and doesn’t need to be caught as she’s already sterilised. Then I told him about the tipped ear and pointed to Cara, who was still nearby, for an example. He was happy to know that. Then he said Cara doesn’t like him because he will “disturb her”. He said this is because she destroys his the seat of his motorcycle, so he scares her away. Since I emphathised with him, I agreed with him that he needed to keep her away from his bike. Then I asked if he has seen other people feeding cats. He said yes, there are poeple feeding, and most often he sees one Malay girl. Every feeder just leaves food on the floor and goes away. I told him that when we feed, we put the food on paper and then clear it away, otherwise there will be hygiene problems and people will be unhappy. I also ask him to tell the feeders he encounter to be responsible. He said ok and then we parted ways.

Without having to sleuth around, I got 3 answers from my encounter with the uncle: 1, Cara is afraid of men with rustling plastic bags for good reason; 2, our worries for her safety may be unfounded as she seemed able to differentiate between friend and foe and has no qualms protecting herself (though her prior injuries seem to suggest otherwise); 3, there’s still ghost feeders haunting the area, its just that we’ve not encountered them ourselves.

Cara was still there, shadowing me. So when she got distracted for a moment, I made a quick detour, and started my sweep of the carpark topdown for signs of poo piles.

On the 4th floor, I took this shot.
A partial view of the stone tables where Cara used to lounge.

Speak of the devil. On the 3rd floor, where Cara was sitting when I spotted her earlier were signs of a recent ghost feeder manifestation.

I went out the door there to check on the poo piles and to see if Carlie was there.

Then I went back to clean up the kibbles. Cara was back, watching as I cleaned the mess up and went through the door to dispose of it in the bin. Then she followed me to the 2nd floor.

With her so close, I did not want to risk her scooting through the door with me out to the 2nd floor, especially if Carlie was indeed there.

So I went all the way down to shake her off before getting back up to the second level by the other way.

Under a car right by the doorway where Cara would be waiting on the other side, I saw Carlie. I thank prudence for the decision to shake Cara off before checking out the 2nd floor, and for the presence of doors there. Then I exited by that doorway, and sure enough Cara was perched there. But she was nonchalant and did not follow me. She probably had enough of me. The feeling was mutual.

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