Buddies (Marty and Henna)

The grand old folks, pioneers of the tec soup kitchen, gave us some great looks this Saturday past.

Tortie! Grand dame Henna, the classic tortoiseshell (info on cat coat colours and patterns)

She’s very tolerant of us now that her mojo-s robbed, and will hang around for a photoshoot. Previously, she’d disappear in a blink, before the food was even finished.

Agouti Tabby coat – Marty’s the first one to wear it in the neighbourhood

Tortie-Tum. Marty shows that even though Henna’s coat pattern is named after the craft processed shell-pattern of hawksbill turtles, ( now a major cause of their survival problems), tabbies have the underside of the other chelonia gang, the usually landlubbing cousins of the very endangered turtledom, tortoises (who also need help), in their grasp.

The old boy trotted after us as we left for Martin, now Marcus’ gangland.

Who says cats can’t get along? These two have been best friends from the start.


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