Singapore: Baffling Bureaucracy Central

As early as Oct 2006, there’s been officious vibes that AVA back to supporting TNRM. Dawn said on Wednesday that it has sent official letters informing Town Councils of their support and indicating that it will sponsor community cat sterilisation.

I left a comment asking Dawn for the timeframe of this letter’s issuance, which turned out to be April 07. Now here’s the curious part: that Town Councils’ brilliant spark – ZERO Stray policy, was made known sometime AFTER the AVA letter went out, apparently to the Town Councils’ General Managers.

So why do the Town Councils, as led and guided by Dr Teo Ho Pin, insist on such a policy, verging on Felinicide endorsement, when even the AVA has acknowledged sterilisation’s effectiveness?

In light of recognition at the national level, and other levels, in countries elsewhere of TNRM’s effectiveness, I can’t help but wonder at the ostrich-head-in-the-sand mentality of Singapore’s bureacracy regarding cat issues.

When will Dr Teo Ho Pin and the Town Council managements WAKE UP and realise the truth? That TNRM – it can succeed, with cooperation and support!

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