April, Sat, 15 Dec 07: doing well and thanks

April was out and about on Saturday when we visited.

Two days earlier, Foster Mum had already updated that she’s getting better from her bout of anemia. But it was still a relief to see her doing better ourselves.

She had taken over a shelf in a corner, and was enjoying herself and getting toasty.

I checked with MM, Foster Mum’s wonderful helper, who said that April is eating now, and is not so difficult to feed since she got better. I thanked MM profusely for taking such good care of April and every other cat in the cattery, which she brushed off with her usual modest shyness.

To the kind folks (in donation/pledge chronological order) who responded so quickly with donations/pledged amounts to our appeal for help with the vet bills for her and Joe, we say THANK YOU!

  • The Spots of Washington DC (they had actually made a general donation prior to the appeal)
  • Mr Edwin Tan (who offered to help even before we put up an appeal)
  • Kootoo, Muffin, and Milo
  • Suzanna
  • Dr Tan
  • Jee Meng
  • Julie N
  • Elaine J

We should have enough to cover the amount now. Should there be any balance amount left, it will be channelled to Corrie‘s anticipated vet bill, which will come mainly from the amount given by The Spots of Washington DC (their mum had said that she was fine with us disbursing it accordingly).

2 responses to “April, Sat, 15 Dec 07: doing well and thanks

  1. So glad she’s ok. She’s a beautiful cat!

  2. Thanks, Isabel! We’re all going “PHEW” at her progress. =)