Corrie, Sat, 15 Dec 07

At the cattery,

Corrie, our special needs old girl, blissfully snoozing on Saturday. She’s been fluffless for a month now.

She went from looking like this

to this on 17 Nov, courtesy of her most recent groom-session.

There is no denying her almost anorexic looks when her fur’s take off. We’re still not sure what’s her problem, but part of it is certainly her pickiness. Foster Mum says that sometimes she would only eat a certain type of fish, and refuse everything else, to the point that she’d rather go hungry than eat.

Because of this fishy penchant and its inherent issues, we’ve started her on Vitamin B and taurine supplements about 3 weeks ago to mitigate the potential issues. The taurine pills she would take with no problem. It’s a human-child, and therefore sweetened, citrus formula. The Vit B complex she refused to take, and it’s a normal human adult formulation.

Since last week, Foster Mum has noticed that Corrie seems to have developed dental issues. She was only eating soft foods, and for the past few days, seem to “leak” the soupy fish dish that Foster Mum makes for her. That is, the liquid dribbles from the side of her mouth. Foster Mum will be arranging for her to see the vet soon.

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