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BBC News: Postmen complain of cat attacks

Postmen are, to my knowledge, the exclusive province of dogs. As are letters and letter-fetching. Perhaps this kitty suffers from an identity crisis?

Then again, it may be cause of misunderstood intentions, as the owner says. Regardless, the important thing is that she has done her part to resolve the issue, as a RESPONSIBLE pet owner.

Last Updated: Monday, 17 December 2007, 10:40 GMT

Postmen complain of cat attacks

A woman has put a mailbox at the end of her drive after postmen complained of being repeatedly attacked by her cat.

Sarah Goddard, from Derby, said her moggy Georgi had left a postman bleeding after scratching his hands as he put letters through the door.

Georgi the cat

Ms Goddard says Georgi still waits for the postman to come everyday

She explained: “I think she only wants the letters but obviously she must just accidentally catch his fingers.”

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