Catmasutra muvee – street cats in the lion city

This is a beautiful video (link filched off ocean’s blog)

The scene of traffic in heavy rain, plowing through roads 5ocm or so deep in water left a deep impression.

Singapore is a tropical island state, sitting one degree north of the equator. There are two seasons here only – wet and wetter. Despite the definitions of season, bright sweaty 35° celsius days intermingle with cold (sub) 20° celsius thunderstorm-soaked days and nights. When it rains here, it monsoons – rain that literally throws down water cats and dogs.

Our homeless cats, our community cats, have enough problems surviving among the iron-fisted and sometimes drag-footing bureaucracy, who are just too eager to accommodate intolerant complaint-whinge happy Singaporeans. When the rains pound upon the streets, where can they go for refuge? Having the shelter of a multi-storey carpark at hand may seem fortuitous. However, cats have died for trying to seek the warmth of a newly parked car, or the dryness of a car bonnet. This is despite the fact that unless they managed to get a line to Wolverine’s claws, cats have as much ability to scratch cars as we do with our bare hands.


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