Corrie, Sat, 22 Dec 07

While JT filled up the adoption papers for Shelly and Socks, we saw Corrie trying to pull a stunt drinking from an awkward source. This is despite there being a BIG water bowl just a few steps away.


She can be very pig-headed about things, to the point of (human) exasperation, so when she looked set to fall into the pail just to get her drink, btmao quickly went to her assistance.

As we’ve said, the old girl’s having some problems that will require a vet visit.



2 responses to “Corrie, Sat, 22 Dec 07

  1. She’s very skinny! 😦

    Is she eating or drinking alot?

  2. Suzanna,
    She’s always been a glutton. But Foster Mum has said that her drinking is not excessive.

    Her vet appointment should be made soon. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.